Vivant Alternate Loose Leaf Vaporizer


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Vivant Alternate is a portable loose-leaf vaporizer. With precise temperature control, industry air flow control and high efficiency heat exchange, user will have better vaping experience

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Packing Details:
1pc - Alternate
1pc - Stainless Steel Concentrate Pad
1pc - Brush
1pc - USB Cable
1pc - User Manual
1pc - Grinder Tool
1pc - Seal Ring (Top Cap)
2pcs- Seal Ring (Airflow Director)
2pcs- Stainless Steel Mesh (Mesh Number: 200)
2pcs- Stainless Steel Mesh (Mesh Number: 50)

• Size(mm): 32 x 52 x 108
• Best temperature: 180°C/356°F (max 220°C/428°F)
• Battery: discharging current > 30A 18650 battery, not included